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Dec/2013 Had request for the code or how-to

Both testing, eclipse and many other things have evolved since I created this item. Jigar has requested some information so here is most of what is needed to patch 6.8.1 to the right level. The only differences are:
1) the settings on at the project preferences dialogs and not the workspace preferences.
2) The time-stamp directories are T_yyyymmddHHMMSS for tests and TS_yymmddHHMMSS for suite tests (this makes the directory names fairly unique.
There are four patch files attached, along with a couple of info and png files.
The patches apply to the github clone as of Dec 31, 2013. Appears to be 6.8.1, were as eclipse update site is at 6.8.6
Read the testing-eclipse_github.txt file for patch instructions etc....
Have fun

On Monday, April 12, 2010 9:56:30 AM UTC-4, DBrad wrote:

TestNG workbench preferences are currently:

Output directory: tttttttttttttttttttttt bbbbbb

X Absolute output path

X Disable default listeners

Template XML file: ttttttttttttttttttttt bbbbbb

Would like to add functionality to modify the output directory
at runtime with a timestamped extended directory:

    TestNG workbench preferences

    Output directory: tttttttttttttttttttttt bbbbbb

*   X Append timestamp directory to output directory
*       Retain N directories iii

   X Absolute output path

   X Disable default listeners

   Template XML file: ttttttttttttttttttttt bbbbbb


  With the append timestamp set the output directory is modified
to extend the path to be
       'test-output/TyymmddHHMMSS' or
       'test-output/TSyymmddHHMMSS'  (for suite runs)

when the VM launch for TestNG is requested.

  When eclipse TestNG forms the parameters for the output directory it
is modified with the timestamp directory name as an extension (only
at runtime). The output directory is "reviewed" for existing timestamped
directories and the oldest deleted until retain directories N-1 items
remain (that is, N will be meet when the current run request is completed).

The retain N applies individually to the type of run "suite" and all



   I've written the code for this against trunk r167 of TestNG. Tested
it manually.

   Keeping records of past test runs are useful for demonstrating progress
of testing. (SQA expectation.)

   More importantly doing a comparison between runs comes in useful for
debugging test runs and test scripts that may have timing issues. That is,
the application is sound, but the test scripts are altered or have timing
issues between different machines/platforms.

   Okay, I'm a verification professional that uses automated testing in
various modes and levels. In fact I may go between different branches to do
comparison of test runs at a functional level for regression comparison.

  I use TestNG on eclipse with FEST, the application is Swing and sometimes
has timing issues that require a pattern of events to be identified.
I use the test scripts at a regression/functional level of testing along
EclEmma to determine value of the test scripts for code coverage.

Would there be an interest in this code for the Eclipse preferences changes.
The only code affected is testNG eclipse stuff.

Running TestNG in a standalone mode is used for production level testing,
scripts provide and set the output directory as a timestamp name. However,
is a batch mode and not a rapid development mode environment for development
TestNG/FEST test classes/methods.

Any response would be apprecated. Thx.
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