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[testng-dev] New Feature: Possible changes to TestNG.run()


I also put this on git hub but this might be a better fit :-)

This post is to gauge if there would be an appetite to augment the current TestNG.run() method and add three new public methods e.g prepareRun(), performRun() and postRun().

The reasoning for this is as follows:-
The use case is that we would like to schedule the running of all tests contained a suite.xml file. In this schedule, the configuration methods would only run once i.e. at the start of the suite and at the end of the suite (prepareRun() & postRun() but the tests would be run based on a timer or a predefined loop i.e. performRun().

For this use case, the schedule that determines when and how many times the tests are run is dynamic and will not be known when TestNG is started i.e. performRun() will be called programmatically.

I hope this is the correct place for this post, if not please let me know.

Many thanks

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