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[testng-dev] Don't know how to implement this in testng

We are now using testng as our testing framework (for system level testing). We are enjoying some cool features provided by testng, but at the same time felt some limitations for system level testing. This might because that we are not expert to leveraging all of testng's cool features right now.  Hope can get some help from this group.

Attached please find one of our requirement scenarios. We know that:
1. we can run some methods/step parallely in testng with no problem.
2. we can also use invocation count to repeat to run some steps with no problem.
3. However, we don't know how to combine them together to implement some complex workflow like the attached scenario.

Please let us know:
1. whether or not testng support attached scenario now. If so,  how to do this in testng?
2. if not supported so far, may testng dev group consider it a new feature request in future releases?
3. BTW, we feel there are much more annotations support in java code, but comparatively low support in XML configuration. We are wondering if testng group has the plan to provide same functions in XML configurations as in java code? For example, we can use "invocationCount" in java code to run a method multiple times, but this annotation is not in XML file. Many times, we feel it will be much more flexible to do this in XML file.

Thanks for your time in advance!


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