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Hello everyone,

I noticed that when I set the output directory programmatically, using
TestNG.getDefault().setOutputDirectory(), I get most of the reporting
files in the spot where I want them, except the ones named after the
name of the test.

For example in my TestNG.xml I have a test named "quicktest", and I
get the whole slew of html's and css'es, and I also get a, but I don't get a quicktest.xml and
quicktest.html output.  They seem to be stored still in the default
output directory.

At the time I change the outputdirectory, the @Factory test method
still needs to compose the list of tests, so I'm wondering when
exactly I should change it, if it is at all supported.  I noticed that
TestNG.getDefault() is deprecated, so what would be the propper way to
handle this?

For better understanding, the factory composes tests based on a
directory property taken from the xml, and based on such property
information I want to direct the output report as well. So there may
be better way to do this.  What I don't want to do is set the
directory at the command line each time I run a different test.

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