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Mayur Shah
Hi All,

The team at Software Testing Board organizes a monthly meetup where one of the testing professionals will talk about the new Testing Framework, Testing Strategy, any new Testing Tool or anything related to Software Testing.

These meetups are not tutorials or workshops. Just another tester is presenting you the new tools, framework or an idea they are working on. You can pick it up and explore it further. You can ask your questions to the presenters and they will try to answer with the best of their knowledge. You can even provide your feedback or suggestions for speakers or to us.

These live meetups are happening through YouTube every 4th Saturday of the month at 5:00 PM IST.

To join the upcoming meetup, go to YouTube and search "Software Testing Board". Click subscribe and press the bell icon to never miss a notification from us.

To know more about the meetup, check out About section of the channel.


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