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Suganya V
Hi All,

I have some doubts in zen report. I want to show different style based on query class return value.  I can't handle this variable.

  <table orient='col'  group="detail" style="start-indent:2px;border:0pt solid orange;font-size:9.5pt;" >
       <item field="@ztestval" width="7.8in" xslfostyle="font-family:Courier New,monospace;" literalSpaces="true" >

Here zsylecode is one filed. In this stylecode based i want to show <item field="@ztestval">

In ifexpression how to give that zstylecode. Defaultly hotcoded that ifexpression it's working. But i don't know how to give runtime data in that expression.

Any suggestions about how to give that value?

Suganya V.


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