Weird inconsistent SkipException behaviour

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Weird inconsistent SkipException behaviour

Robert Krüger

I've been using SkipException for a long time to disable tests programmatically (e.g. depending on platform or other environment conditions) but now I have run into a few cases where the SkipException makes the test fail instead of be skipped and I do not see the difference.


    public void testOSVersionAtLeast() {
        //FIXME: FND-317
        if (SystemInfo.isLinux())
            throw new SkipException("Skipping on linux until FND-317 is resolved");

            // FIXME win
            throw new SkipException("Skipping on windows until TODO is resolved");


this works while in another class

    public void moveItemCaseChangeOnlyTest() throws Exception {
        // FIXME WIN fails because of ...
            throw new SkipException("Disabled due to error");

causes a failure.

In both cases code tests are executed using Idea's TestNG plugin on Windows.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,


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