TestNG groups with dependencies specified, not executing in order despite preserve-order set true

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TestNG groups with dependencies specified, not executing in order despite preserve-order set true


I am using the WebDriver + TestNG + ANT framework. I want to execute a few testng groups in a particular order. I am trying to do that by including dependencies for the groups in testng.xml.

My groups are:
For LoginTests.java

  • openLoginPage (groups={"login"}) 
  • validLogin (groups={"login"}) 

For SearchTest.java

  • searchValid (groups={"search"}) 

For ScheduleTests.java

  • openSchedulingPopupFromSearch (groups={"scheduleBySearch"}) 
  • scheduleBySearch (groups={"scheduleBySearch"} 
  • scheduleByAddingNew (groups={"scheduleByAddNew"}) 

For AddNewTest.java

  • clickOnAdd (groups={"addNew"}) 
  • fillInNewDetailsNSubmit (groups={"addNew"}) 
  • validateEnteredInfo (groups={"addNew"})

The order that I want my groups to get executed with is:
1. login
2. search
3. scheduleBySearch
4. addNew
5. scheduleByAddNew

This is the testng.xml file I have created:

<suite name="Sanity Suite" verbose="2" parallel="false">
<test name="Scheduling scenario" preserve-order="true">
            <include name="scheduleBySearch" />
            <include name="scheduleByAddNew" />
            <group name="scheduleBySearch" depends-on="search" />
            <group name="search" depends-on="login" />
            <group name="scheduleByAddNew" depends-on="scheduleBySearch addnew" />
            <group name="addnew" depends-on="login" />
        <package name="xtr.webaut.sanitytests.*" />

I have included preserve-order="true" for the <test></test>. But when I execute this from my build.xml with ANT, the actual order goes like this:
1. login
2. addNew
3. scheduleByAddNew
4. search (This group starts execution in middle when scheduleByAddNew has just started. Don't know why!! And then fails)
5. scheduleBySearch (Skipped) 

When I see the execution logs, I see that TestNG tries to execute addNew & scheduleByAddNewafter login, and suddenly search group starts executing. Is there any possibility of TestNG parallel execution happening here?? Also, if I have specified preserve-order as true then it should run the groups as defined no matter what right? Help needed!!!

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