How to run the client testNg testcases file

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How to run the client testNg testcases file

We have developed an UI testing tool to test our project testNg tesetcases using struts framework.
Currently we are testing only our project testcases, the testcases are located inside the project buildpath. such like,  src/testcases folder,  src - Source folders on buildPath.

For executing the testcases we are using the testSuite.xml.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<suite name="Suite" parallel="true" thread-count="2">
 <test name="Service Name">
       <class name="testcases.TestNgTestCaseFile1"/>
       <class name="testcases.TestNgTestCaseFile2"/>//testcases are inside the buildpath

Now are planning to modify this testing tools to service the other projects as well,
For that,
1) we are planning to get the testcases folder or path from the UI screen from the user.
If am browing the other project testcases directory in my jsp screen,
I dont know how to specify the testcase path in the testSuite.xml, Because Im not sure the outside buildpath files will be executed.
help me please...