Factory Madness Attempt 2

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Factory Madness Attempt 2

Joe DeSantis
Attempting to implement factories and guice together.

public class VanityUrlFactory {

private GuiceFactory guiceFactory;

// public interface GuiceFactory {
// VanityUrl create(TestingUrl url, boolean useOfferCode, String realCpc);
// }

// @Inject
// public VanityUrl(@Assisted TestingUrl url, @Assisted boolean useOfferCode, @Assisted String realCpc, FunnelActor actor) {

VanityUrlFactory(GuiceFactory guiceFactory){
this.guiceFactory = guiceFactory;

// @Inject
public Object[] factoryMethod() {
return new Object[]{
// No offer code tests
guiceFactory.create(TestingUrl.VANITYQUICK, false, "ebf93e"),
guiceFactory.create(TestingUrl.VANITYFAST, false, "c47385")

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