Define the Class level priority and order of execution

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Define the Class level priority and order of execution
I have many test packages and many classes, I don't want to have test-suite.xml with individual class name, instead I would like to declare using group and package in the test-suite file. 

The issue is I want to determine the execution of the particular class file by using priority(can use annotation). 

Can some one please suggest me how to achieve this ? Tried using IMethodIntercepter that is useful for the test methods within the same class. 

My current suite file looks as below. 

<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "">
<suite thread-count="5" verbose="2" name="unstable suite" 
        parallel="false" annotations="JDK" configfailurepolicy="continue">
        <test name="unstable" enabled="true">
                                <include name="config" />
                                <include name="group1" />
                                <include name="group1_unstable" />
                                <include name="group2" />
                                <include name="group2_unstable" />
                                <include name="group3" />
                                <include name="group3_unstable" />
                        <package name="com.test.pkg1" />
                        <package name="com.test.pkg2" />
                        <package name="com.test.pkg3" />

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