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Changes in the TestNG listeners

Alexandru Popescu ☀

Hi all!

I would like to report quite an important change in the TestNG core
related to reporting and listeners. As you may have noticed, till now
if a @Configuration [1] method was failing or skipped, then
ITestListeners would have been made aware of this through
onTestFailure or onTestSkipped, which was not quite correct, as it
lead to fake reporting.

After this change I have introduced a new *internal* interface
IConfigurationListener which gets notified about @Configuration
methods invocation status (and a convenient interface IResultListener
extending both ITestListener, IConfigurationListener) and
ITestListener is not gonna be anymore notified about @Configuration

The TestNG plugin developers do not need to worry about this change,
as the remote events are still triggered for the @Configuration
failures and skips, so no changes are required in the plugins.

In what regards the IReporter implementations, they can access the
information about invoked @Configuration methods through ITestContext
which now has the following new methods:

  IResultMap getPassedConfigurations();

  IResultMap getSkippedConfigurations();

  IResultMap getFailedConfigurations();

I have performed all the internal needed changes. Still, as I am not
an user of the EmailableReporter I haven't updated this one, so I
would kindly ask its author (Paul Mendelson) to take a look and adapt
it to the new model.

Hope this note is enough detailed for describing the change.


.w( the_mindstorm )p.
  TestNG co-founder
EclipseTestNG Creator

[1] I am using the generic @Configuration name for all @Before/@After methods

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