Change results displayed with TestNG for test with retryAnalyzer

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Change results displayed with TestNG for test with retryAnalyzer

Sorin Dan

I'm using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG. Does anyone know what interface/class I must implement/extend so my customization be displayed in the default report from TestNG? For some test cases I'm using retryAnalyzer (in case of test fail because of environmental issues) and I need that at the final report to have the duplicate retries removed. I've did this by implementing/extending various listeners but even if I could get in the logs the customized results, the final status of the suite would remain the same (counting also the duplicate retries). At a certain point I had something like displaying for the Test status the results I customized but for the Suite status the duplicate retries were counted). I've also implemented IReporter but this doesn't overwrite the default TestNG Reporter (only adds those results in the logs). So if I run the tests from Jenkins I can receive in the sent mail by Jenkins that the suite failed but all the tests passed (apparently the status of the suite reported by Jenkins is the one from the default report while the number of passed/failed/skipped tests I can set to be taken from my custom reporter). But even without Jenkins it can be really confusing in the logs to have some results saying something and other results displaying something different. Is there any way to customize the results displayed by the default reporter in TestNG?

I hope I wasn't too confusing in this message. Please let me know if you need any clarifications.

Thanks in advance,

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